Petition To Preserve South Park Middle School

I hereby express my opposition to the proposed demolition/closing of
South Park Middle School


Name (printed): __________________________________

Age: ____ Year(s) Attended: _________ Class of: _____

Address: _______________________________________



email address: (printed)___________________________

___I oppose the demolition/closing of South Park Middle School for the following reason(s):

___ Conservation/ Preservation of a historical and cultural landmark. Even if it wasn’t a school, the building could be a valuable and usable space.

___If the school was demolished/closed, children would have to travel greater distances to attend schools.

___Other: ___________________________________________________________

___I would like to see South Park School restored (made safe and functional).

Signature (in ink): _____________________________

Date: _________________

Note: If the petition collector doesn’t collect your petition, Please mail ASAP to:
Saving South Park High School
5799 Western Trail
Beaumont, Texas 77713



additional petition forms availabe at: